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Build Your Business with PPC Eclipse

PPC Eclipse strives to help your business make more money with Google AdWords and custom landing pages that help you realize the highest return on investment. Lean on our building blocks to create, maintain and analyze your advertising campaigns while we convert curious shoppers into satisfied customers.

Our Building Blocks for Successful PPC Campaigns

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We will choose the right Keywords and create the best custom landing pages to make the most of every PPC campaign you launch.

Maintain icon Maintain icon


PPC Eclipse will position you, and guide you, to get the most out of Google AdWords and your overall PPC Management practices.

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With analytic insights provided by Google AdWords and other sources, we’ll monitor and tweak your PPC campaigns for maximum ROI.

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The cornerstone of any successful business is a high conversion rate, and PPC Eclipse provides a conversion-focused design that will increase your profitability over time.

How Do We Support Your Business with PPC?

  • Landing page optimization
  • Conversion maximization
  • Landing page A/B testing
  • Manual bid optimizations
  • Keyword matching
  • Quality score improvements
  • Keyword A/B testing
  • In-depth Negative Keywords
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor research
  • Negative keyword research
  • Retargeting strategies
  • PPC call tracking & recording
  • Sales & ROI tracking
  • Display campaign targeting
  • Analytics enhancements
  • Bid adjustment testing
  • Geo-targeting maximization
  • Dayparting improvements
  • New beta releases

Our Trusted PPC Channels

Proven Landing Page Testing

Landing Page

To make the most of any PPC campaign, it is essential to control the landing pages and make tweaks when needed to entice more customers. You do that by designing, prioritizing, researching, and adjusting all elements of your campaign until your confidence level eclipses the 95 % mark. Once that occurs, PPC Eclipse will help you boost your conversion rates while lowering your cost per conversion.

Keeping You in the PPC Loop

Platform Tracking icon Platform Tracking icon

Platform Tracking

We track all of your calls, contacts and PPC campaigns through our exclusive Jupiter platform.

Regular Updates icon Regular Updates icon

Regular Updates

We monitor your campaigns daily and provide regular updates, as well as suggested changes, as needed.

Continual Growth icon Continual Growth icon

Continual Growth

To help you reach your goals, each PPC campaign is crafted to elevate your business to the next level.

Frequently Asked Questions

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A: No, our pricing stays flat no matter what you spend.

A: Unlike most companies, we measures success based upon qualified billable leads. This means you only pay for leads that are generated by your company - not just contacts.
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